Testimonial: SME Bespoke Management System Creation...

A D Calvert Architectural Stone Supplies say:

“We can’t begin to tell you enough how much the system has changed our company and lives”

This customer is recognised as one of the leading natural stone suppliers to the construction industry and comprises a large stone processing plant and quarry.

They continue:

“IT Accessed have helped our company to reduce time on repetitive manual data entry, enhance communication, reduce input errors and improve customer response rates.
The system mirror-images the way we work but adds time efficiency and computerised customer management.
It allows us to manage a customer from start to finish.

We consulted with IT Accessed to discuss and establish our company vision.
IT Accessed have worked alongside us and have listened to our requirements during all phases including planning, development, implementation and training.

It has not been without its challenges -as with all changes - but we can honestly say we are delighted with the end result which is a system that has been carefully tailored to our company and is effective.

Since implementation we have developed the system further with the ongoing support of and development by IT Accessed who understand our vision and future company development needs.”

Calverts approached IT Accessed, and together a plan was produced outlining the areas to be considered with the priority being the complete order fulfilment process.
The design and implementation of the system was completed and indeed is still ongoing as the system is refined and expanded alongside the business.
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