Testimonial: System Design and Development Project Management for this Ambitious SME...

GTEC Ltd.:

ā€œIT Accessed proved invaluable to us in helping to specify the design of the system, mentoring the project, introducing a reliable software supplier, anticipating problems, co-ordinating the group and generally ensuring things went as smoothly as possible.
Their business and technical awareness was excellent, their commitment to the project was absolute and I would highly recommend them.ā€

Ian Mellish, Business Development Manager, GTEC Ltd.

IT Accessed worked with this training company based in North Yorkshire, delivering high quality training and assessment to the electrical and other industries.
They required advice and assistance in developing a new examination for a client which would also enable the marking process to be speeded up and allow more feedback to be given on candidates.
The exam would consist of a practical section to be completed using new digital paper technology ā€“ transferring written marks electronically, and an online section.
The project needed to be completed within a short time in order to meet a given deadline for the new examinations to begin.
GTEC chose IT Accessed to help them design the system, find the best company to write the bespoke software, and co-ordinate the parties involved through the process of developing and testing the system.
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